Bridal Beauty Tips


Brides, avoid these Makeup mishaps

Your big day is the one day you don't want to risk looking like one of the following: a clown. A ghost. A mime.

So how can a blushing bride get her makeup just right? Start by avoiding a few key mistakes. We tapped beauty pros with beaucoup experience making brides gorgeous for their expertise on what not to do — and what products can help you avoid them.

Mistake #1: Wearing too little coverage

"Depending on the bride’s skin type, you want more of a matte finish for the oilier skins and a radiant finish for a drier skin," says Angela Outlaw, Owner of Angie’s Cosmetics Unlimited Makeup Studio. "The most important part of photography is the finish to the skin. You want the face to look flawless. For example: If undereye circles are not concealed properly, the eyes will get lost in the photo."

Try this product: Angie’s Photo Touch Concealer for Under Eye: "Every bride wants to look fresh and awake," says Angie. "This concealer diffuses light to hide dark circles and reduces puffiness with cucumber and white tea extract."

Mistake #2: Skimping on the blush

"Wear more blush than you think you should, because that’s usually the first thing to go, aside from lips "Usually when you look at your pictures and say, I could use more blush. If you ever see a celebrity in person, they’re always wearing more makeup than they look like they do in magazines. A little bit of extra blush can go a long way to adding color to the face and giving that warm glow without looking too bronze."

Try this product: Angie’s Powder Blush: "If you pinch the end of your finger so the blood pools in the tip, whatever color that is going to be the most natural-looking color on you," says Angie.

Mistake #3: Sticking with a too-natural lip gloss

"People say, 'I love the natural look,' but you can still pick a nice color that’s a shade deeper than your lip tone," Says Angie. "Wear something on your lips a little darker than normal, because it’s going to make the pictures so fantastic. Choose a shade darker than your lip tone in the beige family or you can line the lip and fill it in with a liner, then wear the gloss you always wear."

Try this product: Angie’s Neutral Tone Lip Pencils. "Shades are very natural," says Angie. "Especially if you're fair skinned."

Mistake #4: Not having products to retouch
"If you have a professional artist do your makeup, you want to make sure you have the same products on hand to touch up with throughout the day," says Angie. "One reason for this is to control shine, and the other reason is you want to make sure your skin tone looks the same throughout the night in photos. The same applies with your lip color; you want to make sure your lips are touched up with the same color all day or night long."

Try this product: Angie’s Lip Lock: "This stain will last all day long, through kisses and conversation, with minimal touch-ups needed," Angie says. "It’s great for photography and can be worn with or without the gloss."

Mistake #5: Letting eye makeup melt and smudge                   

"I hate to see a bride with raccoon eyes," says Angie. There are so many budge-proof products out there nowadays."

Try this product Angie’s gel eyeliner and Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer: "Use all waterproof products," Angie’ says.

Mistake #6: Not checking for shine

"The last thing a bride wants to see in her photographs is shine!" says Angie. "When the skin is shiny, you lose the true features of the face."

Try this product: Angie’s Oil Control Primer: "Primers help with the longevity of your makeup, help to control oil and shine, and also help even out skin’s texture. It also creates a radiant finish."

Bonus bridal makeup tip

"Wear a white top when you have a makeup trial run," says Angie. "A color or a black shirt changes the whole color palette. Or if you don't have a white top, put a white towel around your neck and take a few pictures like that. It gives a nice feel for how the palette is going to come.