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Basic Skincare & Makeup Application








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1-For a light sheer look, dampen sponge before applying foundation.

2-If you have sallow skin, pick a foundation that disappears on your face. To counteract your skin tone
choose a pink or rosy blush.

3-Use foundation all over your eyelid, powder with a clear dust before eye color application. This helps to
keep color truer and it will last longer.

4-Make sure to blend the foundation on to your jawline and slightly on to your neck. Otherwise you will have a line from your jaw to your neck and it will look like you have a mask on.

5-Don't test foundation or councilor color on your hand. Match the skin on your face and neck.

6-Be careful with shivery products, especially on your eyes, they tend to collect in the creases. These colors are definitely not appropriate in the work place.

7-If you have large and open eyes, do not use loud or bright colors that will over emphasize the fullness. You want them to be soft.

8-On deep-set eyes, you should use shadow colors that are on the light side of the color spectrum.

9-To avoid lipstick from feathering, line your mouth with a lip pencil and apply powder over foundation.

10-As you get older your natural color fades. You need to wear a little brighter of a color.

11-Always choose a lip liner that matches your lip color.

12-Be careful with very matte and long wearing lipsticks, they can be much too dry. Creamy formulas are much more flattering. For more lip definition, try a soft color lip pencil under your lipstick.

13-Don't pump your mascara wand into the mascara container. This pushes air into the container and makes the mascara dry out faster. Gently insert the wand, turn two or three times, then remove and apply to the lashes.

14-Always use less mascara on your lower lashes.

15-For clumsy eyelashes, use a lash comb to remove clumps.

16-If your mascara thickens when it reaches the Ned of the tube, place tube in warm water. That will help
make the mascara thinner.

17-Invest in a good tweezer. We recommend tweezerman.

18-If you are thinking of lightening your brows, try a colored mascara first to see what they look like.

19-If you want your eyebrows to stay in place, put a clear mascara on them or a little hairspray on the eyebrow groomer and brush to the desired shape.

20-Brow hairs do not grow back thicker from plucking.

21-Wearing lighter colored clothing helps to reflect light up on to the face.

22-The biggest favor you can do for your skin, is to wear sunscreen everyday.