Transgender Makeovers


Beauty Tips for Transgender Makeovers...


Many girls have been asking for advice in concealing their beards. It’s hard to feel sexy and feminine with a visible beard shadow, so let’s talk about this!

To begin, use makeup primer. Applying primer before your concealer smooths out your skin and helps your makeup adhere better. This is an important step for TG women since the beard area tends to be rough.

Angie’s Face Primer, Pro Palettes & Mineral Photo Touch Concealers are excellent choice for TG makeup. Invest in a concealer. Concealer is the most important makeup item you can buy.

Make sure to get the right color for your skin. If you are trying to decide between two shades of concealer, go for the darker one. Light colors highlight an area and the last area you want to highlight is your beard!

Since your beard shadow has a blue tint, you need to neutralize the color or it will show through under your concealer. The best and cheapest way to do this is with red lipstick.

Use a touch of red lipstick onto the beard area and blend with a makeup sponge until you have a smooth even layer. It should look like you have a slight sunburn tint, and then begin to pat on several layers of concealer.

If you use one thick layer, it’s going to cake and smudge off. Make sure you pat the concealer on, rather than rubbing. If you rub, you’ll disturb the layers below.

Set each layer of concealer with loose powder. Don’t use pressed powder – it’s too thick and will have a cakey look.

Choose warmer lipstick tones as oppose to the dark violets for better results. Have any questions please email us at [email protected]  or visit our Makeup Studio in downtown Winter Park.